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02 janvier 2017


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I must be the only person that has had a fantastic time in 2016. After years of self-destruction and emotional distress, I finally got back on my tracks and won the self-confidence that I was craving for, and it changes everything. Confidence is the absolute key and it’s more productive than taking pleasure in dramatic suffering. I feel incredibly lucky and grateful to be able to live out of my passion, to be (8 or 9 years after) still followed by so many people that are encouraging me everyday, to be surrounded by friends and family that I love so dearly. Of course there will always be haters, and they are much much more in real life than on the internet, but I prefer to be the one who lives rather than the ones who judge. The choices I make can seem crazy or too passionate, but they make me utterly happy, as I am a person whose goal is to love fiercely and live as aesthetically as possible. The world can turn into the darkest place, at least I can take shelter into this bubble of beauty that I always worshipped. This is I think my role in this world (if we ever have one), a role that is shared by many of you here : we’re the keepers of the sacred fire of Art and Beauty, and if it might be useless in troubled times, it’s always worth fighting for.

A billion thanks to the photographers that made this year happen, and of course to all of you for following me…









From Paris with Love,



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  1. Ruth Miranda dit :

    I can’t wait to see what you’ll do this year, I hope you recreate and reenact a loooot of characters, be it fictional or historical, I hope to see you embracing a darker side to the styling and the photographs, I hope to be inspired by you as much as I have been for these last years. Let me tell you that I admire you very much. I admire the way you are so true to your inner self, and so different from the rest of the world. You always sound like you’re not afraid of being different, but nor do you act like you’re better than others for that difference – it’s like you’re different and that’s that and you don’t even notice if others dislike or feel unconfortable with that difference. I admire your sense of style, as well, and the way you always seem so put together and so lady like where others would look completely trashy. IN one so young as you are, being the way you are and the persona you are requires guts and strenght and alot of courage. I admire you for that, but I also know you could not be any other way! SO please, keep bringing beauty to the world – I have seen myself in your words, actually, in a different way.

    • Louise dit :

      Hello Ruth Miranda, thank you so much for your words and an even bigger thank you for following me from some tiem and comenting on the posts, I always appreciate it especially knowing that today it is very rare to do so, so with all my heart, thank you for your kindness and support !!
      Your words are extremely moving, and touched me to the very depths of my soul, but I don’t know if I deserve them as I’m very far from being a perfect person..I guess, like you said (and I’m amazed of how well you understand me !) that I couldn’t do otherwise, as I was always this way ever since I was born.
      What surprises me is that in my life in Paris, people that I cross path with almost everyday for years still seem to think that I’m some kind of amateur diva, acting out all the time and my friends have to explain that it’s not an act, it’s really what I am. I don’t understand why people choose to see their vision of you over what you really here, even when they see the proof everyday in front of their faces. I don’t know how is it for you but France has a very low tolerance when it comes to difference, because people are so afraid of being judged, and yet they judge all the time without even questionning themselves about it. That’s why I’m so moved when young girls who share the same passions write to me, because I know how difficult it is at such tender age to face this wall of judgement.
      Thank you so, so very much for these deep and encouraging words….

      • Ruth Miranda dit :

        Oh France could be Portugal then!!! You see I have a theory, so many portuguese people chose to move to France because they feel at home there: the narrow minds will feel at home along with others, the judgmental people will be happy to fit in. I have gone through years and years of being judged and put down by random people and friends and family alike because I dare to be different, to live differently, to aim for different things. I’m not the norm and I have suffered for it, and I can totally see how you can have such an array of people following your blog because your style is so cool, and you are such a cool young lady, but at the same time those people will think that what they see here is not the real you, it’s a put on show for a blog; and when they cross you in the streets they will judge you for going around exactly how you go around in our blog. I find that really funny, people are always talking about honesty, about being true to theirselves and honest with the world and the others, and when someone is honest and true to one’s self… they crucify that person!! Really, I do admire your courage to be you a lot, it was easier when I was your age because there was no internet, so I was different to the eyes of only those who crossed my path. If there had been blogs around back then, I’d have had one and I’m quite sure I would have felt the « hatred » of the world a lot more than what I did. YOu have to be very brave to open up yourself to the kind of exposition a blog will end up bringing. AndI’m glad you are because I really do get a lot of inspo from you – btw my son who is 8 once saw pics of your bedroom and said it was the most beautiful lady bedroom he had ever seen!! So there you go, already influencing the next generation, you are ;)
        Soit heurese et toi même, ma chérie!! (my french is appalingly bad, I knoooooow!!)

  2. sophie dit :

    Comme chaque année c’est avec grand plaisir que je redécouvre tes photos. Magnifique travail dans la durée, gargantuesque pour un résultat toujours magnifique et inspiré!
    je te souhaite une heureuse année 2017 Louise!

    • Louise dit :

      Merci beaucoup Sophie de me suivre depuis si longtemps…cela me touche infiniment ! Je te souhaite une belle année pleine de créativité et de découvertes :)

  3. Manayiiin dit :

    Tant de magnifiques photos ! Bravo pour les mises en scène, ton sens artistique, la précision des détails… et pour faire partie des « gardiens du feu sacré de l’Art de la Beauté » ;) ce qui ne me semble absolument pas dérisoire dans les temps durs. Ce n’est pas la priorité, mais n’est-ce pas justement ce dont le monde a besoin ? En tous cas moi oui, alors bravo !

    • Louise dit :

      Merci, merci merci de tout coeur ! Je suis tout à fait d’accord avec toi même si cela peut sembler superflu à d’autres, en ces temps de décadence du monde, nous pouvons toujours chercher refuge dans la beauté de l’art…

  4. Poppy dit :

    2x la même photo spotted ! Elle doit vraiment te plaire celle là ^^
    Je te souhaite beaucoup de bonheur pour cette année Louise, hâte de voir ce que tu nous prépareras

  5. Sarah dit :

    You are a true muse!
    And looking forward for another year of your work <3

  6. Une bien jolie année. Ça fait plaisir de revoir ses clichés et ton univers. Très belle année 2017, qu’elle t’apporte encore plus de bonheur.

  7. Flore dit :

    Eh bien… Une année sacrément bien habillée !! Bravo !

  8. Asterienne dit :

    You are so versatile, like a chameleon. I’m really happy to see that you’re doing well in 2016! I agree with you totally, you really define beauty for me!

  9. Julia dit :

    You’re stunning! I can’t imagine anyone hating you, that’s just impossible. Thank you for all the inspiration you give us!

  10. AnnaM dit :

    Ahlala quel plaisir de revoir toutes ces photos !

    Je te souhaite tout le meilleur pour 2017 Louise, plein de bonheur et plein d’un succès amplement mérité !

  11. Olivia dit :

    Quelle fantastique série de photos Louise !
    En les regardant, cela m’inspire, je me nourris de la beauté que tu fais fleurir : chapeau !
    C’est un énorme compliment que je m’apprête à écrire mais ce sont les mots qui me sont venus en regardant les photos l’année : tu as vraiment les épaules et la démarche esthétique d’une icône de mode ! (mode au sens comme noble du terme, intemporelle, foncièrement élégante…)
    Je te souhaite de continuer à être heureuse et inspirée, je nous souhaite à tous et toutes de continuer à nous nourrir de la beauté du monde tout autant que d’y contribuer.

  12. estelle dit :

    Une très belle rétrospective. J’ai découvert ton blog en 2012,Louise et je voulais te remercier pour tout ce beau travail que tu fournis depuis tant d’année! Tu es une personne réellement inspirante, et je me reconnais dans beaucoup de chose que tu écris! En te souhaitant une merveilleuse année 2017 :)

  13. aziliz dit :

    Bravo et merci, encore une si belle année! ça me donne toujours envie de jouer, d’enfiler des rôles et des costumes, ça me « tire vers le beau »…merci pour tout ce travail et cette implication, belle année à toi,
    fidèlement, une lectrice enthousiaste.

  14. Manon Naïs dit :

    Cette année a été particulièrement riche en très beaux portraits ! Merci pour cette belle rétrospective, et tous mes voeux pour que ce grand changement dure et croisse.

  15. Marjorie dit :

    Je vais faire un peu vulgaire mais put*** qu’est ce que t’es belle ! Toujours un plaisir de visionner tes retrospectives. Que 2017 te soit encore plus douce que 2016. Bonne année à toi charmante enfant

  16. Mitbrodt dit :

    These photos belong in a museum!!

  17. Matea dit :

    Chère Louise, I’ve been following your blog quietly since 2010 and what a journey that was! At first, your blog was an opportunity for me to learn French better and I stumbled upon it by chance, after some blog post you’ve made together with Alix. But later on, I was attracted by the unique aesthetics of your blog, by great Pauline’s pictures, by all the shootings from different time periods, by meaningful stories that you’ve been building around every blog post – with numerous references to historical and cultural heritage, art works, favourite vintage books and amazing architectural places. During the years you’ve managed to stay fresh, inovative, playful, interesting, versatile, but true to yourself and, whatever you do, you just never cease to amaze! Thank you so much for all the inspiration and wonderful moments you’ve created and shared with us and keep up the good work! Amicalement, Matea

  18. Claire Lalot dit :

    Bonjour Louise,

    Ton BLOG est une source d’inspiration permanente, et également un espace où je peux me ressourcer, retrouver l’entrain nécessaire pour se lancer dans de nouveaux projets et prendre des décisions. C’est certainement également parce qu’on sent cette passion que tu mets dans ton travail, et qui est propre à insuffler une énergie positive :)

    Merci pour cet hommage à la beauté féminine et très bonne année 2017 (tardivement)!


  19. Jeune Lady dit :

    C’est magnifique ! Quel beau travail et quelle belle déclaration introductive : oui, soyons heureuses !

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