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08 avril 2009


As seen in Refinery 29

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  1. (diLay) dit :

    i reaaly like your style and your blog,i’m a new blogger too,check out my blog and please tell me your comments about it.take care..

  2. (Adeline) dit :

    et ouic est bien lui!
    on se voit vite pour des photos ma belle!

  3. (miky) dit :

    i love it….
    you realy can pull off avy kid of look!!!

  4. (Artificial Magazine) dit :

    Love it.

  5. (Cari) dit :

    Love this look! The jacket is fab!

  6. (jakubowa) dit :

    where did you buy this dress? it’s beautiful!

  7. (MX ϟ marion) dit :

    c’est une veste diesel non?

  8. (Aurélie Muller) dit :

    comment je suis sensée voir les miennes? j’me suis jamais servie du site..

  9. (-M) dit :

    Love the cameo! Perfect touch.

  10. (Sonia-FashionBox) dit :

    La robe a froufrous avec le perfecto en jean, j’adore, romantico rock! tres joli look!

  11. (Back 2 Basics) dit :

    Me disait bien reconnaitre ce visage ! jt’ai croisé à la soirée SLVR d’Adidas ! Enjoy !

  12. (Emily) dit :

    My favorites are the accessories; the hat, the glasses, the cameo. You look gorgeous and I’m in love with this blog!

  13. (Kate) dit :

    love this!

  14. (bisou-joue) dit :

    J’adore ton camé en broche !

  15. (grace e.) dit :

    lovely photos. where did you get your glasses? I'm in love with them :)


  16. (Libby) dit :

    Love the lacey dress, perfect for spring..i have been looking for one! I’m a new blogger and would love if you could leave any helpful advice or comment. Love your blog!

  17. (Maialen) dit :

    i LIKE THAT HAT, and you look very sweet with tha drees well combined with the blue jacket

  18. (Sushi) dit :

    Gorgeous outfit x Sushi

  19. (Lara Natascha) dit :

    oh love it <3

  20. (Maddy) dit :

    i love the cameo pin.

    I’m just starting out with with my blog and am hoping it will turn into something about Melbourne teen fashion… I’d love you to check it out and maybe give me some advice or exchange links?

    ty x.

  21. (mybrouhaha) dit :

    des photos qui sentent le soleil! jolie robe by the way!

  22. (Iole) dit :

    great look. Love it!

  23. (Antonia) dit :


  24. (Shin) dit :

    I love your hat and the ruffle dress is amazing! xxoxoxoxo

  25. (Marina) dit :

    Love the jacket in a realy nice outfit!

  26. (Cassiopeia) dit :

    love your dress :-D you look absolutely beautiful!


  27. (Pascal Grob) dit :

    one day, i just need to photograph you as well :)

  28. (Belen Vazquez Amaro) dit :

    i love the outfit!!! kisses

  29. (La Brique) dit :

    Amazing dress. Possible de savoir d’ou elle vient ?

  30. (theanthology) dit :

    You rock that hat like no one I’ve seen.

    So beautiful! Love that cameo, too.

  31. (alexandra) dit :

    too cute! xo

  32. (voguemanie) dit :

    I love your style! And your glasses are wicked


    beautiful girl!
    beauty look!

  34. (areej) dit :

    Your style is simply unique. :)

  35. (setyourselfonfire) dit :

    She’s adorable! Such cute style!

  36. (Wren) dit :

    So sweet!


  37. (Maeko) dit :

    I want your glasses. Lovely.

  38. (shimu's holiday) dit :


    Pan’s Holiday

  39. ([Tara]) dit :

    Too, too cute. I love your cameo brooch!
    Louise, I have a photo shoot suggestion for you…I think it would be amazing if you did a Countess Castiglione-themed photo shoot. I did a post on her today

    I love the eerie quality of the photos that Pierre-Louis Pierson did of her…particularly the ones where she is hiding her face behind masks…
    You would be perfect for it!

  40. (Brigadeiro) dit :

    Love the jacket, the dress, the whole outfit, from head-to-toe! ;)

  41. (Liveee) dit :

    j’adore ce look. BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO

  42. (stylorectic under medical treatment) dit :

    you look rad girl.i love to get back here and see how you are lovely.

  43. (Manon) dit :

    Beautiful GIRL !

  44. (Solenne & Charlotte) dit :

    Wow, what a style !
    Luv it ! :)

  45. (Claudia) dit :

    I looove this

  46. (kiss me quick) dit :

    lovee the dress. your outfit is flawless.

  47. (Kimmy) dit :

    lovely pictures and great style too. amazing!

    Would love it if you could check my blog out too.

  48. (Preziosa) dit :

    Awwww tu es trop jolie! j’adore cette tenue!! et tes cheveaux…wow! envie :)

  49. (Rocky-Nes) dit :

    Sublime tenue, surtout la veste!

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