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16 octobre 2009


Tim Burton – Vincent


Picture by Stockolm Street Style.

I’m wearing a dress designed by Yeojin Bae.

This look is also on Net-à-Porter.

Tim Burton – Vincent



Picture by Stockolm Street Style.

I’m wearing a dress designed by Yeojin Bae.

This look is also on Net-à-Porter.

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  1. noreply@blogger.com (Annachiara) dit :

    oh…wonderfull!!!!!!!!! i love always your outfits!!!! i love your style… you're gorgeous..magnific!!! :-)

  2. noreply@blogger.com (Monika P.) dit :

    Totally in love with this look;)! Sucha a beautiful Parisian Girl:)

    Monika from j'adore fashion

  3. noreply@blogger.com (Maeko) dit :

    Yeay! But aren't you cold???

  4. noreply@blogger.com (sparkle motion) dit :

    i saw this on Stockholm street style and i immediately recognized you! you look amazing.

  5. noreply@blogger.com (Sahakiel) dit :

    I love that headband, it's great… and you look stunning!
    So we could see the picture in the web, isn't it? Great!

  6. noreply@blogger.com (Anne, Chic and Geek) dit :

    Joli jeu d'asymétrie…
    Et sublime le décalage entre les gants de motarde et la robe de soirée XVIè !
    C'est aux Tuileries on dirait… durant la fashion week j'imagine.
    Ainsi parée, belle Pandora, on peut aisément penser que tu as fait de l'ombre aux mannequins ;)

  7. noreply@blogger.com (Lolitta) dit :

    Love the dress!

  8. noreply@blogger.com (Maggie) dit :

    La robe est splendide!
    Bisous :*

  9. noreply@blogger.com (Jacqueline) dit :

    love this dress! You look very chic!


  10. noreply@blogger.com (little cat bossa) dit :

    magnificent as always!

  11. noreply@blogger.com (Nana) dit :

    it's absolutley gorgeous
    your outfit!

  12. noreply@blogger.com (Marla Singer) dit :

    this is amazing! i love the dress and the headband! your style is awesome <33

  13. noreply@blogger.com (Mouthwash) dit :

    oooh, lovely! Dior? So beautiful!


    Oh – I just started a headband company!! I have photos up on my blog of the headbands I have created. I would love with you checked them out!


  14. noreply@blogger.com (Suzanne) dit :


  15. noreply@blogger.com (Davina) dit :

    Btw, I saw you on Fashion TV the other day, I think it was for the Dries Van Noten S/S fashion show..you were wearing a white fur vest. Congratulations! : )

  16. noreply@blogger.com (Rafaela) dit :

    I see you with this outfit on FTV!

  17. noreply@blogger.com (Miriam) dit :

    Oh you look so beautiful!!! …wish i was there, you are so lucky

  18. noreply@blogger.com (Sundari) dit :

    Very beautiful dress. it looks cold though!

  19. noreply@blogger.com (Anonymous) dit :

    tell us about yourself!
    q&a please!!!!

  20. noreply@blogger.com (Nadia) dit :

    i adore your blog…i love arts…and your fotos and your style…really nice :))

  21. noreply@blogger.com (une parisienne trés trés chic) dit :

    j'adore ta robe

  22. noreply@blogger.com (Antonia) dit :

    You look fabulous, the dress is amazing!

    x Antonia

  23. noreply@blogger.com (Camille) dit :

    Nice pictures. Love them <3

  24. noreply@blogger.com (Margaret) dit :

    Australian designer! SO PROUD:):)

  25. noreply@blogger.com (Pedro Herrero, 15.) dit :

    Lovely dress!

    198, Butterfly: Design, Fashion, Art and Architecture:

  26. noreply@blogger.com (Becca) dit :

    just FABULOUS. x

  27. noreply@blogger.com (Sweedee.dee) dit :

    It is very funny because that same night you wrote that article, I was actually watching (and showing to a lived one)this short film….

  28. noreply@blogger.com (Miss Head Over Heels) dit :



  29. noreply@blogger.com (LADYPLAY) dit :

    cette tenue te va à merveille!

  30. noreply@blogger.com (TheBeautyFile) dit :

    Hi! I love your look so much- you're so gorgeous! I did a tribute post to you today on my blog…come check it out!


  31. noreply@blogger.com (Jaime) dit :

    Fabulous look- found your blog through The Beauty File. You have a new follower :)

  32. noreply@blogger.com (Gerri Ward) dit :

    WOW! YOU look Gorgeous from head to toe!!!:))

  33. noreply@blogger.com (Nina) dit :

    Beautiful outfit and photos!
    You know how to wear black so well…

  34. noreply@blogger.com (Louisa) dit :

    She is adorable. I love her glasses and smile.The mix of the light and delicate feather with the rough biker gloves is genius!

  35. noreply@blogger.com (StreetstyleNews) dit :

    Really love this look! StreetstyleNews tweeted live about your appearances on Easy Fashion and StockolmStreetstyle.

  36. noreply@blogger.com (Frickys) dit :

    Ladylike and classy!

  37. noreply@blogger.com (Marine C.) dit :

    Louise, tu es magnifique !
    Tu incarnes le chic parisien à toi toute seule.

    Continue à nous inspirer avec tes belles tenues =D

  38. noreply@blogger.com (Marta Represa) dit :

    Amazing look… LOVE the dress!

  39. noreply@blogger.com (Miss Madeline) dit :

    It's an awesome dress!

  40. noreply@blogger.com (Adair) dit :

    Beautiful blog x

  41. noreply@blogger.com (Fashion By He) dit :

    great outfit, you look great in it…awesome style

    can we link exchange?

    come check out He's blog, its the first ever Fashion blog from a guys POV, let he know what you think


  42. noreply@blogger.com (agatiszka) dit :



  43. noreply@blogger.com (Robbie) dit :

    Super le look. J' aime beaucoup ta petite robe noir. Tres chic et tres elegant.

  44. noreply@blogger.com (Anki) dit :

    I love the dress!

  45. Poly Vaz dit :

    I loved your style!!!

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